A Coop Horror Zombie Genre

They took the idea of making your favorite homegrown flora’s into a battle-hardened machine ready to face the invading hordes of Dr. Zomboss’ army. This multiplayer third-person shooter feels like a kid-friendly Call of Duty game. Choose from a wide variety of Plants from Krazy Dave’s garden and use the right photosynthetic artillery to blow these pesky undead to hell. It has a 4 player co-op mode for you and your friends and a 24-player multiplayer for intense backyard warfare. Customize your plants, go into the leaderboards and try out the various game modes that make this game a huge diversion to the classic TD game we all knew. It has a PlayScore of 8.48 2. Left 4 Dead From the makers of Half-life and Counter Strike, Valve opened its doors to another addicting fps hit in the form of a coop horror game. While it doesn’t have the same polish as it successor, it’ still remembered as the classic that it is.

Go to an infected Pennsylvania and eliminate the threat with your band of badass survivors. It was innovative for its time. Navigate through four film-like chapters letting you relive the movie frights with the same amount of suspense and tension. Compete with friends in versus, and see how far you can last in survival. Throughout all their varying modes, they have a director that controls the pace, items, and more to create a dynamic environment for every gameplay. With a complete, movie-like experience, it’s a well-remembered classic with a PlayScore of 8.65. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one: 11. Resident Evil 5. The infections spread rapidly. Follow Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Sheva Alomar in their mission to quarantine a lethal Plaga threat in a fictional region in Africa and stop Wesker. It has a PlayScore of 8.00 12. Arizona Sunshine. It’s not everyday you see a decent-looking zombie VR game. Vertigo Games’ shooter takes you to an infested city of Arizona. Fend off the bloodthirsty undead using your reflexes and motions. It has a PlayScore of 7.98 13. The Final Station.

Board a moving train and rummage through the remnants of a post-apocalyptic world filled with infected creatures. This indie game offers a pixel-graphics twist to the zombie genre. It has a PlayScore of 7.97 14. Dead Island. Techland’s first zombie game takes you to an island plagued with the undead. It’s open-world first-person-adventure adds excitement and unpredictability to its melee-centric combat. It has a PlayScore of 7.96 15. Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition. Follow Leon Kennedy in his mission to save the President’s Daughter from a weird Spanish cult. This remastered version comes in high-quality textures and all the DLC’s. It has a PlayScore of 7.91 1. And the best Zombie Game on the PC is none other than Left for Dead 2! Released in 2009, there’s not a lot of games that last as long as this game has. 7 years after, thousands of players continue to play it to this day. Despite its slightly outdated graphics, persistent lack of levels, and special unlocks, Valve’s cooperative fps is still at the forefront of the zombie killing action. Why? Because it’s a great co-op game, that’s why. It’s a remarkably easy game to pick up. Without having to worry about mismatched levels, everyone’s always ready to play. Just gather four of your closest friends, get on a keyboard, and let the shoot fest begin. It never gets boring with randomized maps, campaigns, and silly game modes. Top it all off with an array of mods that offer even more variety to an already fun game. It’s simple, replayable, and it’s not needy. The perfect formula for cooperative masterpiece. It has a PlayScore of 8.99.